If you are new to TurboDJ and have not used a TurboDJ request Device please try the following:

From Second Life:
-Left click the TurboDJ Picture board.
-Click Request on the box that appears in the upper right corner of your screen.
-Type in the artist an song in the box that opens then click submit.
OR From This Website:
-Click Rock Request or Country Request to the left hand side of this page
-Enter your name and song information below the recently played song list and DJ picture
OR From Roku:
-If you have a Roku device, add the TurboDJ Channel to your lineup and request directly from your tv

From Second Life:
-RIGHT click the DJ Picture on the board
-You will see a pie menu appear, Click pay and select your amount to tip the DJ.
OR From This Website
-Click on the donate button on the TurboDJ homepage to make your donation to help keep TurboDJ alive.

Please tip the venue for without them there is no music in Second Life!!!!!!!

Click pictures below for specific instructions.

TuroDJ System Roku
For further information or to receive your TurboDJ Kit, please contact:
In-world IM: xDEXTERx Dagger
E-mail: ddagger@turbodj.com